Looking to find an disused police car in good condition for my private car collection.

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Dear Chief of Police, Sheriff, Marshal, dear Colleagues and brothers in arms.. 

Let me first introduce myself. I’m from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, one of the smallest but finest countries of the European Community, situated between Germany, France and Belgium. My job for nearly 40 years was police officer in Luxembourg. Prior to my retirement I was chief of police at the town of Differdange – Luxembourg (population 23.500).  Since my retirement in the year 2006 I’m living in Germany, directly on the Luxembourgish-German border.  

All the time I have a very special particularity. The United States of America were the center of my interests. At my desk in my office in the police station and in front of my house blew, not the Luxembourgish, but the USA flag. All my colleagues and friends called me  simply „the American“. This synonym is the result of my passion. Although very good cars are built in Europe, I’m driving only American cars with big 8-cylinder engines, imported by myself. As police officer I always dreamed to have my own  police car from the USA. Having retired I changed my civilian private car Mercury Grand Marquis into an American Sheriff Patrol Car which is a pure product of my fantasy. This car that I drive in my free time, has now become one of the most photographed objects in Luxembourg and Germany. All people admiring the car receive information about them and our police force. A few times my car was the star of official police exhibitions and festivities. I am also a member of various clubs who have dedicated to the preservation of police vehicles (International Police Car Owners of Europe and Los Angeles Police Reenactment Group) Of course I’m also a member of the International Police Association, section Luxembourg.

My greatest  wish would be to have for my private collection my own authentic (disused) American police car in good condition . All police decals should be available, as well as the entire Police equipment (of course without weapons). This could be a vehicle of your department or any police department or sheriff office either. My favorite cars: Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, Chevrolet Caprice 9C1, Dodge Charger, Ford Explorer and other fast Interceptors.

Dear Chief and colleagues, should you be able to get or to help me finding these disused, but well maintained and complete police car, I would be very grateful. The price should be fair and not too expensive.(Shipping fee and European taxes are very high)

I’ll be glad to offer my last complete Luxembourgish police uniform, tho these officer which make it possible for me, having my desired object.

Dear Chief,Ladies and gentlemen,dear Colleagues, thank you very much in advance. God bless America,  and all  sisters and brothers in law.

Robert E.STEINMETZ, retired „commissaire en chef“, 71 years old, Luxembourg/Germany Europe.


Über Robert E. Steinmetz

Polizei Chef-Kommissar i.R. Autor
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